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Bluewave Salesforce Training


Bluewave Technology are Salesforce Training Partners. We are certified to provide Salesforce’s own Certified Training Courses allowing you to take Salesforce Exams with confidence and gain Salesforce Certification and Accreditation.

Our bespoke Training Courses are designed around your requirements, either on a one to one basis or for many participants.

Our Courses are designed specifically for your Salesforce Setup. We work with you to create a relevant course that offers each your users the information they require.

Bluewave Salesforce Training Team


Bluewave Salesforce trainers have been certified by Salesforce, following rigorous evaluation programmes that span a number of months. Should you wish to avail of certified Salesforce Administration or Salesforce Application Development training then please get in contact with us to discuss your requirements.

Our instructors deliver training for Salesforce certification courses throughout Europe on behalf of Salesforce. We train some of Europe’s largest consultancy firms in Salesforce and have deep experience and understanding of Salesforce training methodology and delivery.

Effective Salesforce Demonstration


Your Trainer will demonstrate how to use the various elements of Salesforce as part of the Training Course. Our Training course allows for demonstration of the use of each salesforce object. We also provide “Power User” training to nominated key users that can administrate the system into the future. They will learn how to add and modify various elements within Salesforce. Your administrators will be able to ensure your system evolves with your needs. Your Sales and Administrative Staff will be empowered and confident in the use of Salesforce.

Effective Salesforce Q&A


Bluewave encourage an open Questions and Answer format on your Training Course. Through our structure of Demonstration, Hands on Practice and a Questions and Answer format, we deliver training that prepares your team for use of Salesforce Products in the real world.