Salesforce Consulting

Salesforce Consulting Services provided by Certified and Experienced Salesforce Consultants

Bluewave Salesforce Consulting

Our Salesforce Consulting Team will engage with you, so that we can gain an understanding of your business. In addition to our relevant skills and Salesforce Certification we bring with us the depth of experience and knowledge gained through many years of successful solution delivery.  Through interaction with you and your team, we learn your company’s processes, where they work well and the pain points. Through the consultative process we find many of our customers challenge and interrogate the way they do business, actually gaining further insight into what has been working well for them but also unearthing processes that have not been working well.

Once we have an overview of your business challenges we can then start to discuss possible solutions involving the Salesforce product suite.

Salesforce Sales Cloud is the No.1 Worldwide CRM platform, allowing you to build suitable sales process that match your company’s  requirements.  It sits on the platform which can be leveraged to optimise and enhance all your business processes, leaving you the customer to focus on growth or any other critical KPIs.

Throughout the Salesforce Consulting process we will look to see if other parts of your business can benefit from the Salesforce Platform. If Service Delivery or Reputation is an important part of your business our Salesforce Consultants can discuss solutions around the Salesforce Service Cloud.  Our solution design will look cross the business and introduce Pardot Marketing Automation Platform or Salesforce Communities where appropriate.

Bluewave Salesforce Consultants

All our consultants are highly experienced and Certified in Salesforce. With a long history in the IT industry, our team also bring decades of knowledge from SME, Enterprise and Government IT implementations. Our Salesforce Consulting team will help you to find the right solutions for your particular management challenges. Get in touch today and find out how we can help.