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Bluewave Methodology



The first step of our consulting process is Discovery. This involves gathering information. We will spend time with you discussing how your business operates and the processes you use. We find this of great benefit both for our understanding of your business, but it also serves as a great systems check for the customer. Often when the customer's team are together in this phase, they start to understand more clearly what is working effectively at present, but also what is not working. The discovery phase of our consulting engagement is key to the overall process in delivering an effective salesforce solution for your business.



The Bluewave team use the identified business processes and customer needs as the basis to design your specific system. The Salesforce product suite contains powerful out of the box product functionality and we may be able to deliver on your requirements within this standard functionality. However, depending on the level of complexity required to deliver the system you desire, we may involve our developing team during the design phase in order to communicate clearly to you the level of work we estimate will be needed.


Only after communicating to you exactly our understanding of your requirements and your approval of same do we progress to the Build stage. We will implement the Salesforce product you desire, mapping your business processes to the system. Once the system has been built and tested, we then enter into a testing phase with you so you can try out the system, in the real world and provide us with feedback.  We will then make any necessary amendments to the product before it goes live into full use within your business.



Once the system is live in your business environment, we will ensure that the system does what it was designed to do. During the first period of use we stay in contact with you and your team to understand how the product is working. Only when you are entirely satisfied that the system is working as designed will we sign off on the system.