Marketing Automation Consultants - On Demand

Digital Marketing Automation Consultants When Required

Our On Demand Engagements allow for the selective use of our Marketing Automation Consultant’s expertise. Whether you require a full Digital Marketing Strategy or our implementation expertise in delivering your campaign, our On Demand Engagements allow you to choose.


On Demand | Digital Strategy Engagement

Our Consultants will work with you on producing a digital marketing strategy that aligns your business goals with your digital campaigns.

The end product of your digital strategy engagement will be a strategy document that includes:

    • A Situational Analysis including an assessment of existing website and digital marketing practices
    • Actionable Goals and Specific Objectives
    • Target Market Research and Definition of Customer Journey
    • Competitor Research
    • Keyword Research
    • Digital Marketing Positioning
    • Options to raise online visibility
    • Channel Analysis in relation to your Online Marketing Mix
    • Usage of Digital Marketing tools
    • Digital KPI’s
    • Reporting and Analytics Structure

On Demand | Digital Campaign Engagement

For customers that have an understanding of their market, where goals and objectives are defined. Our marketing automation consultants will work with you to plan an effective digital marketing campaign aligned to your goals and target market that can be implemented using your marketing automation tool.

    • Define the best combination of digital marketing tools meet goals
    • Inbound, PPC, Display, Search, Social Campaigns
    • Define Content requirements
    • Leverage Paid, Earned and Owned Media
    • Define KPI’s – What does success look like
    • Prepare Step by Step Marketing Automation Implementation Plan
    • Integrated approach (Paid Media plan, Prepare Landing Pages / Email Templates / Tracking Code)
    • Implement Marketing Automation Plan
    • CRM Integration (When to handover lead to Sales)
    • Reporting and Analysis

On Demand | Campaign Implementation

For customer that know what they want and have defined their campaign steps, we implement their requirements.

    • Marketing Automation Expertise
    • Bespoke HTML / CSS Email Templates
    • Bespoke HTML / CSS Landing Pages
    • Tracking Code Creation
    • Page tracking
    • Scheduled Social Media Posting
    • Pardot Engagement Studio Integrated Marketing Automation
    • Completion Actions at each step of campaign
    • Adwords Implementation
    • Google Analytics Setup
    • Lead Nurturing
    • Event Registration Campaign
    • CRM Integration
    • Reporting and Analytics for ROI