Bluewave’s heritage is deeply entrenched in public sector.  Founded as an IBM partner 20 years ago, over the years we engaged on several large scale frameworks through consortiums and direct tenders building extensive secure systems, some of which are still active to this day. In 2010 recognising an industry shift to Cloud based solutions we founded our Salesforce practise, after a lengthy evaluation exercise to find the right platform for our clients’ needs.  Taking our knowledge and experience in Ireland, UK and Europe, we  have been implementing enterprise Salesforce solutions for a wide range of industries since.

With the gradual adoption of Cloud based solutions in government, Bluewave has continued to grow its Salesforce public sector practice over the past four years.  In 2020, with the COVID-19 pandemic driving emergency measures to protect citizens in need, Bluewave and Salesforce responded rapidly to urgent requirements that had emerged, deploying stand-ups for agencies and departments alike, proving the agility and speed necessary in unprecedented times.  This has driven a sea-change in cloud adoption in government, allowing Bluewave and Salesforce to work closely together to continue to demonstrate value and growth.  In this time we have seen a very significant swing towards Cloud Based Platforms in the Public Sector and Salesforce has proven to be perfectly positioned to meet the needs of a new generation of Public Sector solutions.

In Summary we believe we have a compelling offering to Public Sector as outlined below.


  • Multi-Decade application deployments in government departments leveraging enterprise level security models and governance across several public sector departments
  • 10 years of Salesforce enterprise deployments
  • A long history of license application/tracking portals for government agencies with secure license generation and approval systems
  • Global government investment application/tracking solutions
  • Experience in responding rapidly to meet the instant emergence of a requirement, for example the Emergency COVID-19 “persons in need” response systems for government departments