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We’re delighted to announce that a landmark tender has been awarded to Bluewave Technology, alongside our partners at Salesforce, Docusign, Ownbackup, and Blackthorn Events.

Following a formal tender process, the Industrial Development Authority in Ireland has awarded a multi-year contract to Bluewave Technology. Our experts will be working alongside the IDA, as well as several key partners, to enable their digital transformation. Leading the bid on behalf of a consortium of solutions, we will pave the way for a global deployment, which will form the bedrock of their business.

Landmark tender awarded to Bluewave - a Dublin-based digital transformation specialist.

What is the Industrial Development Authority?

Founded as a result of the Industrial Development Acts 1986 – 2019, the IDA is an autonomous statutory agency that is responsible for the attraction and retention of inward foreign direct investment into Ireland. The global environment in which Ireland competes for investment from abroad is constantly changing, despite this, Ireland has historically won a far higher share of foreign investment than you’d expect given the country’s population size and economy. This success reflects the ability of the IDA to capitalise on the numerous opportunities that arose as new growth areas emerged – the tech sector providing huge benefits to Ireland in recent years. 

The Industrial Development Authority operates under the aegis of the Irish Minister for Business, Enterprise, and Innovation. Their sibling agency, Enterprise Ireland, successfully deployed Salesforce in 2019 (implemented following a successful tender award to Bluewave) and based on that success, the IDA commenced a market investigation and subsequent tender process with the assistance of external consultancy agencies.

We were awarded this landmark tender by the IDA and we'll be working with our partners to meet the organisation's needs.

Project Outline

The IDA has invited Bluewave to embark on a three-stage digital transformation journey with them, where their internal and external processes are to be modernised, driving efficiencies and improving internal and external experiences. This large-scale comprehensive project consisting of complex business processes, automations, integrations, and intelligence contains planned deliverables. This list of high level deliverables includes the following:

  • Replacement of several legacy CRM and marketing platforms
  • Redesign and replacement of their grant management application platform
  • Automation of a complex contract management solution
  • Provision of a fully digitised sales process including event management and complex multi-day site visit automation
  • Digital service engagement with social media management and full support functionality
  • Provision of a secure customer portal experience for engagement, support and grant/contract management

The Awarding Process

The formal tender process commenced in late 2021, with multiple products, platforms and vendors bidding for success. Throughout this process, we leveraged the technical expertise of our consultants and developers, our agile and communicative project management style, and our reputation for customer success in order to highlight that Bluewave was the correct organisation to carry out this digital transformation. Formal notification that we had been awarded the tender was received in March 2022, with contracts signed in July.

We're partnering up with OwnBackup, Docusign, Blackthorn, and Salesforce.

Working Together

As Platinum Salesforce Partners, it goes without saying that we’ll be utilising Salesforce’s suite of cloud-based solutions in order to carry out this large-scale project. We’ll also be working with some of our other trusted partners to guarantee success for the IDA. 

We’ll be working with Blackthorn, a forward-thinking organisation that builds Salesforce-native apps for more efficient event management and payment processing. Designed for businesses of all shapes and sizes, Blackthorn’s tech gives users full control of business processes through automation, configuration, and customisation. Their unique apps fill crucial organisational gaps and they’re constantly innovating based on customer feedback. We intend to utilise Blackthorn’s powerful, native Salesforce events platform to assist the IDA with their investment event management process, which will include everything from organising large-scale events, to planning end-to-end trips where foreign business leaders are invited over to see what Ireland has to offer.

DocuSign is a document generation, contract management, and e-signature technology pioneer that helps organisations connect and automate how they prepare, sign, act on, and manage agreements. Their eSignature tool is the world’s #1 way to sign documents electronically, using practically any device, from almost anywhere; this accelerates business and simplifies life for companies and people globally. By eliminating slow, manual, paper-based processes, Docusign’s platform increases efficiency while reducing the risk of human error. DocuSign’s CLM platform will be a key part of the IDA’s digital transformation.

OwnBackup is a leading SaaS data protection platform for some of the largest SaaS ecosystems in the world. Through capabilities like data security, backup, recovery, and archiving, their tech empowers organisations across the globe to manage and protect the mission-critical data that drives their business. Robust security and data protection are major factors to the ongoing success of any digital project, and seeing as OwnBackup are trusted with Salesforce’s precious data, and are also ranked on the Forbes Cloud 100 as one of the world’s top private cloud companies.

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About Bluewave

Innovation with experience.​​​​

Bluewave Technology is a privately owned Platinum Salesforce Partner founded in Dublin, Ireland in September 2000. Since then, our highly skilled technical experts have built a solid reputation for customer success, by providing bespoke digital solutions and consultancy services. Our proven implementation process has led to the delivery of over 250 successful Salesforce projects and engagements in the last decade.

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Continued Success

This multi-year, multi-million digital transformation is a strategic win for Bluewave and the consortium. It reaffirms our position as a leading public sector solution provider and we look forward to embarking on many more projects of a similar size and scale. 

We’d like to say a huge thank you to the Industrial Development Authority for trusting us with this engagement, which is already well underway at the time of posting. Expect more updates and information from our team in the coming months.

For further information about this win, please contact Paul Mooney – Sales Director at Bluewave, or get in touch with us here.